The Boring Details

Originally hailing from Malta. Had a wonderful time studying at the University of Glasgow, before heading down to the sunnier French Riviera for a PhD in Machine Learning at EURECOM. I spent Summer 2017 in Oxford as a visiting student, and Summer 2018 undertaking an internship with the ML team in Amazon, Cambridge. Upon completion of my PhD, I joined the Investments AI team at AIG in London as a machine learning scientist.

The Cool Stuff

Under the impeccable guidance of Dr. Maurizio Filippone at EURECOM, my primary research interests during the PhD involved developing scalable approximations to Gaussian process inference without compromising on performance and precision. Of particular interest is whether the compromise on performance associated with such approximations can be tuned to a given computational budget.

The resilient appeal of Bayesian inference models in the face of competitive deep learning techniques can be attributed to their well-founded quantificaiton of uncertainty. Bridging the gap between Gaussian processes and deep learning techniques remains a pertinent research goal.

My research has resulted in publications appearing in top-tier Machine Learning conferences including ICML and UAI.

The Travelling Salesman

My studies, along with the wonderful people I met along the way, have given me endless opportunities for being on the move.

A Musical Epilogue

In tribute to the time wasted devoted to curatingq playlists for all moods and occasions, here is a selection of eleven tracks I am currently listening to on repeat.